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Rolex Monte Carlo Masters

Rolex Monte Carlo Masters

Guess where Elégance Driver's private chauffeurs will be from April 6 to 14? At the prestigious Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, of course! With ELEGANCE DRIVER, you'll travel in the luxury of a top-of-the-range car. With our private chauffeurs you can be sure of arriving in time for matches or related events without having to worry about traffic or parking.

But what is the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters? The Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is one of the most prestigious events on the men's professional tennis circuit. Held every spring in Monaco, the event attracts the world's best players for a week of intense competition on clay.

The history of the tournament dates back to 1897, when the Monte-Carlo Country Club was founded. However, the tournament as we know it today was created in 1928 and quickly gained in renown. It has become a central part of the ATP Tour and is now considered one of the most important clay-court tournaments of the season.

The tournament takes place at the Monte-Carlo Country Club, a magnificent setting overlooking the Mediterranean. Clay courts offer a unique challenge to players, as the bounce is slower compared to hard surfaces or grass, requiring a more patient game and great mastery of ball slides and trajectories.

Every year, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters attracts an impressive list of participants, including the world's best players. Tennis legends such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and many others have competed on the Monte-Carlo courts, adding to the tournament's rich history.

The tournament format includes both singles and doubles events, offering spectators a variety of matches to watch. Players compete for the prestigious trophy and a share of the prize money, which is one of the highest of the season.

In addition to top-level tennis, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters also offers an exceptional spectator experience. The Monte-Carlo Country Club offers world-class facilities, including gourmet restaurants, relaxation areas and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. What's more, the Monaco region is packed with activities and attractions for visitors, making it a popular destination for tennis enthusiasts from all over the world.

Thanks to its reputation and spectacular location, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters attracts thousands of spectators every year, as well as the attention of the world's media. Matches are televised in many countries, allowing fans to follow the action live from home.

In addition to its importance on the professional circuit, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters also holds great significance for the players. Winning this tournament is a real badge of honor, and many of the biggest names in tennis have added their names to the list of winners over the years.

In short, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is much more than just a tennis tournament. It's an iconic event that combines sporting excellence with a spectacular setting, attracting both the world's best players and thousands of enthusiastic spectators every year. Its rich heritage and reputation make it one of the highlights of the professional tennis season.

To find out more about this year's program, here's a detailed schedule of the week's events:

Saturday 6 AvrilQualifying starting at 11.00 am14 matches
Sunday 7 AvrilQualifying 1st Round starting at 11.00 am13 matches
Monday 8 Avril1st Round starting at 11.00 am17 matches
Tuesday 9 Avril1st and 2nd Round starting at 11.00 am16 matches
Wednesday 10 Avril2nd and 3rd Round starting at 11.00 am17 matches
Thursday 11 Avril3rd Tour starting at 11.00 am12 matches
Friday 12 AvrilQuarter-final starting at 11.00 am8 matches
Saturday 13 AvrilDemi finale. 1st Double starting at 11.00 am, 1st Simple starting at 1.30 pm, 2nd Simple starting at 3.30 pm, 2nd Double4 matches
Sunday 14 AvrilFinal Double at 12 am and Final Simple at 3.00 pm2 matches

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