General terms and conditions

Our offer

ELEGANCE DRIVER is a passenger transport company, providing individuals and professionals with a service tailored to their needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Regardless of the type of reservation, the customer must provide the following mandatory information:
Customer details: first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address and home address.
Details of the transfer: date, place of departure and arrival, number of people, luggage or not, luggage with exceptional dimensions or very large volumes, need for child/baby seat.
This information must be specified online when making a booking request.
ELEGANCE DRIVER makes every effort to ensure that the site and the Application are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it may happen that access to the Site or the Application is interrupted as part of maintenance operations, hardware or software upgrades, emergency repairs to the Site, or as a result of circumstances beyond the control of ELEGANCE DRIVER (such as failure of telecommunications links and equipment). ELEGANCE DRIVER undertakes to take all reasonable measures to limit such disruptions, insofar as they are attributable to it.
Users acknowledge and agree that ELEGANCE DRIVER assumes no responsibility towards them for any unavailability, suspension or interruption of the site or service and cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind resulting therefrom.

Online booking

We recommend booking at least 2 hours before the start of each run.
A bank deposit will also be required for each booking via the website and will be returned automatically after payment of the transfer.
In accordance with these GCU, the Customer acknowledges that the Services to which he has subscribed are available immediately and cannot therefore, and in accordance with article L.221-18 of the French Consumer Code, be subject to the right of withdrawal.
ELEGANCE DRIVER reserves the right to suspend the Customer's account, after formal notice and 7 days' notice, in the event that the Customer fails to comply with its obligations under these GCU.
The Customer's obligations, in the same way as those of ELEGANCE DRIVER, may be suspended in the event of force majeure in accordance with these GCU.
The payment confirmation email received upon payment of the ordered transfer constitutes the only definitive confirmation of the reservation and guarantees the presence of the driver.

Booking by phone

Reservations must be made at least 2 hours before departure and during reservation times.
For bookings made less than this, the company reserves the right to a 30-minute delay in arriving at the departure point.


transfers are calculated according to the route with the fastest estimated travel time.
The driver is free to change the route according to traffic conditions, without affecting the price for the customer.
The ELEGANCE DRIVER reservation system takes into account journey times based on daily observation of local traffic.
ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot be held responsible for traffic conditions which could result in a journey time longer than that estimated at the time of the initial reservation. It is the customer's responsibility to allow for travel time when booking. In general, ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot be held responsible for delays, whatever their origin (traffic congestion, difficult traffic conditions, roadworks, accidents, vehicle breakdown, etc.), in accordance with article 3 of these general terms and conditions of sale.
When ordering a transfer from the airport, customers are advised to take into account the time needed to get off the plane and collect their luggage before determining the departure time of the transfer.

Payment methods

All prices include VAT at the current rate.
Services booked by the customer must be paid by credit card.
The following methods of payment are accepted:
> Credit cards
> Bank transfer for companies
Payment is made by credit card via a secure electronic payment system. By providing his/her bank details, the Customer unconditionally accepts in advance that ELEGANCE DRIVER will proceed with the secure transaction and authorizes in advance his/her bank to debit his/her account for the amount of the service and any supplements after the journey (waiting, parking, additional stop, change of destination address) if this is the case.
By providing his/her bank details, the Customer accepts that the Company will proceed with the secure transaction upon completion of an Order. The Customer therefore authorizes his bank to debit his account on completion of an Order, on the basis of the records or statements transmitted by the Company.
The reservation will only be deemed to have been accepted once payment has been validated.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of reservation prior to pick-up:
In the event of cancellation by a customer who has already made payment, the following charges will apply:
> More than 24 hours before the start of the service: the full price of the service will be refunded.
> Between 6 hours and 24 hours before the start of the service: 50% of the service will be refunded.
> Less than 6 hours before booking: No refund will be made.
*For transfers costing more than €100, a credit note for the amount of the transfers will be issued.


> 60 minutes free of charge from the meeting time specified by the customer when booking for airport journeys.
> 15 minutes are free of charge from the meeting time set by the customer at the time of booking for train stations and other routes.
> After 15 minutes, the driver waits for you for a further 1 hour, at a cost of €1/minute.
For unlimited waiting time at stations or airports, the customer must subscribe to a chauffeur-driven car service with hourly billing.

Modification of an order

ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot guarantee any modification made less than 24 hours in advance. Last-minute modifications will only be taken into account according to availability and may give rise to supplements or charges.


The final invoice will be sent by e-mail at the end of the transfer.

Obligations of the parties

ELEGANCE DRIVER undertakes to do everything in its power to bring the passenger safely to his destination, within the time limit agreed with him.
ELEGANCE DRIVER's liability covers direct bodily injury caused to passengers, from boarding the vehicle to disembarking, these two actions excluded. ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot be held responsible if the damage is caused by the passenger, by a third party, or by the nature of the luggage and/or its packaging. ELEGANCE DRIVER is insured for professional liability.
ELEGANCE DRIVER is not liable for any compensation or reimbursement for delays in transport due to traffic problems (traffic jams, blocked roads, accidents, detour, weather conditions, various events, etc.). ELEGANCE DRIVER nevertheless undertakes to study carefully any request for reimbursement made by a customer. This study does not lead to an automatic refund, and may consist, if necessary, in the granting of a credit note.
In the event of deterioration of the vehicle by the customer (including vomiting), the latter will be held responsible and will have to pay a fixed compensation of 150€.
ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot be held responsible for any delay initially caused by the passenger.

Miscellaneous provisions

All passengers, front and rear, must fasten their individual seat belts.
In the event of damage to the vehicle, e.g. by unintentional opening of the doors, the damage caused will be charged to the customer.
If the driver notices that the customer is committing an offence, such as using narcotics, he is strictly instructed to stop the service immediately. This will not entitle the driver to a refund.
It is forbidden to eat in the vehicles.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke, to transport flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic substances, and more generally any dangerous goods. It is the passenger's responsibility to check that their baggage does not contain any such substances. In the event of damage caused by the luggage or the passenger's behavior, ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot be held liable under any circumstances.
The contents of luggage placed in the vehicle's trunk, in particular fragile or delicate items, remain the sole responsibility of the passenger.
ELEGANCE DRIVER cannot be held responsible and cannot guarantee the return of personal effects and luggage left or forgotten on board the vehicle, nor the condition in which they may be found.
The User undertakes to use the services of ELEGANCE DRIVER in a reasonable manner and, in particular, not to present the following characteristics at the time of being picked up by the Carrier :
- obvious intoxication;
- dangerousness;
- number of persons exceeding the limit indicated at the time of reservation;
- number of luggage exceeding the limit indicated at the time of reservation or volume of luggage exceeding the vehicle's carrying capacity;
- presence of animals not confined in a cage or bag. Guide dogs are exempt from this requirement;
- outrageous or immoral behavior.
This commitment is also made on behalf of the Passenger, if different from the User.
In the event of omission, we recommend that you send an email to the following address:


Any complaint concerning the Service must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 30 days of the date of pick-up to the following address: 10 avenue sainte marguerite, Jardin de Cambacérès, 06150 Cannes.


These terms and conditions of sale are governed exclusively by French law.
The consumer may refer the matter either to one of the courts having territorial jurisdiction under the French Code of Civil Procedure, or to the court of the place where he or she resided at the time the contract was concluded or at the time the harmful event occurred.
The Commercial Court of Lyon has exclusive jurisdiction in the event of a dispute or difference in the case of professional contracts.
When ELEGANCE DRIVER's liability is incurred as a result of a fault on its part, compensation applies only to direct, personal and certain damage suffered by the customer, to the express exclusion of compensation for all indirect and immaterial damage and/or prejudice, such as financial and commercial prejudice.

Data access rights and privacy statement

ELEGANCE DRIVER collects your data via the website, by taking reservation requests by email or by telephone.
ELEGANCE DRIVER undertakes not to divulge your details to third parties, or for uses other than those of the communication scope linked to the booking of your journeys. If you have ticked the acceptance box to receive our newsletters, we may send you commercial information, or information about the ELEGANCE DRIVER company. All information collected concerning your location, your IP address, your transaction data and your preferences is used solely to facilitate reservation operations and communications with you.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (Act no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, amended by Act no. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004), you have the right to request, access and object on legitimate grounds to all data concerning you. You can exercise these rights by contacting ELEGANCE DRIVER by e-mail at or via our online form.

Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute relating to the Application and/or interpretation of these GCU, the Customer has the option of resorting to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative dispute resolution method.
In accordance with Ordinance no. 2015-1033 of August 20, 2015 and implementing decree no. 2015-1382 of October 30, 2015, any so-called consumer dispute or litigation, subject to Article L. 612-2 of the Consumer Code, may be the subject of an amicable settlement by mediation with the online dispute resolution platform.
To submit a dispute to the consumer ombudsman, the Customer can fill in the online dispute resolution platform form by clicking here.
Whatever the means used to refer the matter to the mediator, the request must contain the following elements in order to be processed rapidly: postal, electronic and telephone contact details as well as the name and address of ELEGANCE DRIVER, a brief statement of the facts and proof of the prior steps you have taken with ELEGANCE DRIVER.


In the event of any provision of these GTC being invalid, it shall be deemed to be unwritten and the other provisions shall retain their force and scope.

Acceptance of general sales conditions

The customer acknowledges having read and understood the general terms and conditions of sale at the time of booking.
Acceptance of a quotation by the customer and confirmation of his/her order imply full acceptance by the customer of these general terms and conditions of sale and unreserved acceptance of all the provisions set out therein.
ELEGANCE DRIVER reserves the right to modify them at any time.
Should any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale be declared null and void or deemed unwritten, all other provisions shall remain applicable.